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Saber Teams employs Security Experts, Counter Terrorism Operators, Anti-Piracy Experts, Intelligence Operatives and Analysts. We apply advanced and adaptive techniques of Security, Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Piracy methodology, predictive intelligence and counter measures, to defend against and further advance others' understanding of crimes, terrorism and piracy. Identifying the causative underlying reasons why religious and politically motivated random acts of violence occur enhances our ability to recognize the ideological forces behind domestic and international terrorism. This enables Saber Teams to identify and implement the correct courses of action to combat these threats. Moreover, we provide an overview of various individual terrorist and piracy groups, their histories, modus operandi as well as an examination of how best to employ combative techniques and strategies to skilled and experienced personnel.

Saber Teams operates in an increasingly unstable and dangerous world where organized crime, corporate espionage, theft, terrorism, the rise of new powers, the accelerating pace of geopolitical change, economic decline and technological advancement place enormous strains on corporations, governments and their citizens. The complexity of these changes often place overwhelming burdens on society and various population groups, causing breakdowns of moral turpitude and upward spiraling trends of civil unrest. This results in frequent occurrences of insurgency, radicalism and violence. The intricacies of these complexities create vulnerabilities and unintended gaps in the measures previously provided that were meant to protect the full spectrum of the populations of the world, from the common citizens to a country’s government. The need for private security is not due to a governments inability to provide protection; that is not at all the problem or even at question. Rather, the crossing of ever widening cultural and socioeconomic expansions for the betterment of mankind instituted by governments, corporations and entrepreneurs has resulted in the need for unencumbered private sector services.

Quite simply, if you are going to do something, be the best at it. The arrogance of that statement is not is not lost on any of the Operators of Saber Teams; we are confident in our capabilities. We have assembled superiorly conditioned and uniquely trained teams of networked professionals acting and reacting from instinct, years of training, preparation and awareness of the diverse factors, details and differences associated with each task.

Our adversaries are distributed across the globe; they are deceptive, well trained, well armed and well funded, they are ruthless, patient and committed. They are prepared to go to whatever lengths are required to maintain a constant state of chaos, fear and terror. They are willing and ready to exploit any opportunity or weakness, real or perceived. They will try to steal and destroy everything that you have worked for, built and strived to accomplish.

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