Maritime Security

The paradoxical ambivalence regarding organized acts of Piracy has brought forth, with amazing alacrity numerous private security firms claiming to be experts in the field of maritime security. Saber Teams and their affiliates are licensed and insured. Maritime security operations are conducted by experienced Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operators, Special Forces Operators and ISPS certified Coast Guard veterans.

We offer both offensive and defensive measures to prevent illegal boardings. Saber Teams, in conjunction with their long-term affiliates, offers crew training and on-board security experts in order to successfully guide commercial and private vessels through high-risk Pirate infested waters.

Port Inspections:

Prior to getting underway a port security expert will inspect the external structure of the vessel to determine there are no explosive devices or corrosive materials affixed to the outer hull.

Crew Training:

Saber Teams has devised a comprehensive training program for private and commercial vessel crews and hands aboard ships that will be transiting through high-risk waters. This training and accompanying checklist is designed to increase safety and minimize the risk of exposure to unexpected threats and hazards.

Defensive Measures:

Non-lethal defensive measures such as propeller snares can be setup and installed on port, starboard and aft positions prior to the vessel leaving. In the event suspected pirates approach the vessel, snares can be quickly and easily deployed to protect against illegal boarding attempts. In addition, Saber Teams' mechanical engineers have designed a fully-stocked and vented sanitary safe room which locks from the inside; it requires a code to open the external digital lock.

Escort Ships:

Saber Teams and their affiliates design specific ship preparations and defense mechanisms tailored to each individual client's needs in order to safely protect the commercial shipping industry and private yachts from illegal boardings that inevitably result in hostage and ransom situations. Saber Teams also designs The specific detail of our escort services will differ with each client.

In the unfortunate event a vessel not under our protection falls under the control of pirate groups we offer hostage negotiation and ransom payment services. These services are conducted by our former FBI Hostage Negotiators all of whom have greater than twenty years of experience in these matters. Their success rate is significantly higher than other experts in this highly specialized field.

Additionally, Saber Teams provides support for humanitarian aid, disaster relief, evacuations, personnel extraction and more.

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